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There's a plan for every sales size and type of business model that fits your goals. All plans include essential services to support your business

Table Rate Shipping

Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price, weight, shipping class or item count.


Request for Quotation

Request a Quote allows customers to request a custom quote from the seller.


Report Abuse

Protect your marketplace community and report abusive sellers. Report Scams, Fraud, Spam emails, urls, or offensive communications.


Minimum Maximum Order

Allows you to specify minimum order limits & maximum limits on your marketplace



Create and manage subscriptions as well as recurring payments for your products.


Product Subscription

Create and manage subscriptions deliveries for products sold.


Follow Store

Let your buyers follow the suppliers they like and get notified when new products are launched.


Notify New Products

Get notified when new like products come onto the marketplace.


EU Compliance Fields

Collect information required in EU countries from your vendors and show/hide them where necessary. VAT/TAX numbers.



Manage SKU identifiers correctly. Use the ASIN number to connect with Amazon's affiliate program and product page.


Delivery Time

Give your buyers a chance to choose the date and time of delivery of their order.


Booking Calendar

Perfect for for booking and scheduling appointments and sending reminders


Live Chat

Secure & user-friendly web communication app. Let your buyers communicate with the suppliers or administrator.


Product Enquiry

Send a question with the product detail page that your buyers need to inquire about.


ShipStation Connection

ShipStation helps e-commerce sellers, organize, process, and ship parcel orders efficiently from any web browser.


U-Ship Connection

U-Ship helps e-commerce sellers, organize, process, and ship less than truckload but more than parcel (LTL) orders efficiently.


PDF Invoice

Download a PDF invoice and email a copy to the buyer.


Sponsored Ads

Let your sellers pay for sponsored placement of their products. Additional income for the administrator.


Sponsor Vendor

Let your sellers pay for sponsored placement of their brands. Additional income for the administrator.


Service Radius

Show your service area with an Interactive Radius Map.



Add escrow payments to your marketplace.


Double Variations

Add a variation group of a product by size and color or two other combinations for your items.



Add personalization to a product.


Add Custom Item Fields

Missing specific item field to your marketplace, now you can add additional fields.


Add Custom Supplier Fields

Supplier portal where you might need specific fields for onboarding.


Add Custom Buyer Fields

Buyer portal where you might need specific fields for onboarding. Perfect for Tax ID numbers.


Language Manager

Add up to eight different languages.



Integration with Quickbooks accounting platform.



Integration with Paypal payment gateway platform.


Product Condition Field

Need a specific field for conditions of the products being sold. Refurbished, Used, New, Factory Refurbished


Administrator Affiliate Program

Create you own affiliate program to bring on buyers and suppliers to your marketplace.