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Frequently Asked Questions

Really any type of product or service can be sold in a marketplace.
It all about connection buyers with sellers. This could be rental equipment, tools, properties or even services.
Your marketplace place can be done as a hobby, with few as 10 sellers and a hundred buyers. It all about networking the buyers with sellers to create a community. While having a user friendly interfaced marketplace.
Yes, these items can be uploaded with an Excel or .csv file.
The item catalog has fields that can be added to meet your needs.
Yes, you can call 972-200-5516. Schedule a marketplace consultation meeting on our calendar for a video call ( Add calendar option). Or send us an email to
Kinda, our platform is a hosted solution. So you can create a hyperlink to the auction marketplace URL. Plus we can do a DNS redirect to make the URL look like you are still on your domain.
Yes, you can cancel at any time. Just create a support ticket then our Marketplace support team will assist to cancel your subscription.
Yes, any credit card information is encrypted as customer submits their Credit card information. None of customers or you credit card information is stored on our servers.
Yes, your marketplace can have a commission or subscription type of fees for your profitability.
Yes, we have a chat or messaging functions to the marketplace buyers and sellers to communicate.
In a mater of a few days, you can have your marketplace up and running. No need to develop your marketplace website from the scratch
Yes, we have third-party integrations to improve your business processes, plus an extensive API library to meet your customized needs.
We have a passionate team of developers that thrive on the marketplace technologies that help your business ideas come to life.
Yes, our marketplace platform can provide a reverse marketplace. This is a marketplace that provides the buyers with the best service options at the lowest price.
Yes, everything from a local restaurant to major restaurant and grocery store chains can be added as your list of suppliers in your private label marketplace. Then these can be connected to delivery drivers bidding to deliver at the lowest price.
Food, Ecommerce Programming Services, Taxi, Pickup & Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, Beauty Products, Grocery Delivery, Laundry, Healthcare, Rental, Home Services, Concierge App, Dog Walking, Freelancer, Dietitian App. As you can see there are plenty of products and services that can be deployed on a marketplace.